MACH Abiqua Rhythm of the Wind CDX RE SE AMSC-VA (Breezy)    

			Ch. Rampage's Kid Moody
		Ch. Rampage's Express Mail
			Rampage's Bold Expression
	Ch. Rampage's Representative
			Ch. Rampage's Waco Kid 
		Rampage's Positive Attitude
			Ch. Rampage's Positive Mood
Abiqua Rhythm of the Wind, CDX MX MXJ U-CDX JE CGC
			Ch. Rampage's Representative
		Ch. Wy-O's Reputation
			Ch. Wy-O's Jiffy Pop
	Ch. Abiqua The Divine Miss M
			Ch. Jerry O's Rain Check
		Ch. Jerry O's Abiqua Frostfire
			Jerry O's Kiss'n Switch

Breezy is owned by Jalynn Davis in Utah.  She's a Master Agility Champion (MACH), a Senior Earthdog, and an obedience dog - really a versatile Miniature Schnauzer..


Here's Breezy over the frame in agiliity.






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