Ch. Abiqua Why Ask Why   (Bud)  wh 1995

			Ch. Rampage's Express Mail
		Ch. Adamis State-of-the-Art
			Ch. Adamis Class Act
	Ch. Bandsman's Why Not
			Ch. Bandsman's Special Assignment
		Ch. Always Room for Jello
			Bandsman's Cappucino
Ch. Abiqua Why Ask Why
			Ch. Jerry O's Rain Check
		Ch. Bandsman's Newsprint
			Ch. Jerry O's Future Shock
	Ch. Abiqua Small Wonder
			Ch. Sathgate Breakaway
		Abiqua Shandizar
			Jerry O's Abiqua Frostfire

Bud is a beautiful Black and Silver with a gorgeous head and ears, long neck, and good reach and drive.  A very special dog.


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