Ch. Abiqua Mark of Excellence  (Marquis)     wh. 1981

			Ch. Penlan Peter's Son
		Ch. Ruedesheim's Entrepeneur
			Ruedesheim's Splendor
	Ch. Ruedesheim's Landmark
			Ch. Landmark's Masterpiece
		Ch. Ruedesheim's Free Spirit
			Ruedesheim's Runzel
Ch. Abiqua Mark of Excellence
			Ch. Sky Rocket's Upswing
		Ch. Skyline's Blue Spruce
			Ch. Skyline's Silver Lining
	Abiqua Dare to be Different
			Ch. Sky Rocket's Upswing
		Paddle Wheel's Up Anchor
			Ch. Jadee's Strudle

Marquis was a group winner and brother of the 1983 #1 bitch Ch. Abiqua Dogpatch Darlin'.


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