A Pictorial History of Schnauzers

History_Germany_Circa_1910.jpg (25004 bytes) Germany circa 1910

Pre 1920's Standard Schnauzers      

History Pre 1920s Schnauzers.jpg (40288 bytes)
History 1920 German Pinscher.jpg (17983 bytes)

1910 German Pinscher

Austria 1952

History_Austria_1952.jpg (53451 bytes)
History Swiss Postcard.jpg (20971 bytes)

Swiss Postcard



History 1958 Stand Schnauzer.jpg (39513 bytes) 1958 Standard Schnauzers


Abiqua Kennels

Abiqua Schnauzers

Abiqua Shibas

Abiqua Pumi

List of Schnauzers

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