Ch. Giminhof Ruffle 'n Flourishes

			Ch. Sky Rocket's Bound to Win
		Ch. Blythewood National Anthem
			Blythewood Symphony
	Ch. Blythewood Rocket Man
			Ch. Mutiny Uproar
		Ch. Blythewood Cat Ballou
			Ch. Blythewood Pixie Guise
Ch. Giminhof Ruffle 'n Flourishes
			Ch. Skyline's Blue Spruce
		Harweldon's Hornblower CD
			Harweldon's Faer Wyndsong
	Giminhof's Black Monday
			Clausing's Lunar Eclipse
		Giminhof's Black Sunday
			Calderwood Malya of Giminhof

This photo of Ruffles is here only for reference. She was owned by Susan Atherton.


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