Von der Schnoop's Schnapps U.D.  (Schnapps)     wh. 1972

			Ch. Mutiny Invader
		Patt's Ali Baba
			Rik-RAk Redondo
	Von der Schnoop
			Ch. Mar-Jack's Tab O'Tanter
		Little Bobby Jane
			Orbit's Wac Corporal
Von der Schnoops Schnapps U.D.
			Lebemann Vogel
		Baron von Buff II
			Wegley's Cleopatra Manana
	Candy's Lady Criquet von Buff
			Colonel Henrik van Klink
		Scott's Candy Lady
			Yankee Lady

Schnapps was our very first schnauzer, purchased in our second year of marriage.  This photo is of our very first match.  We were so proud of him.  He went on to win his obedience degrees very quickly, 3 tries for Novice, 4 for Open, and 6 for Utility.  He was the bestest little dog in the world, and lived until he was 15 years old.


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