Paddle Wheel's Up Anchor   (Uppity)     wh. 1975

			Ch. Jay Dee's Sky Rocket
		Ch. Sky Rocket's First Stage
			Miss Little Guys
	Ch. Sky Rocket's Upswing
			Ch. Sky Rocket's First Stage
		Ch. Sky Rocket's Upstart
			Tessie Tigerlily
Paddle Wheel's Up Anchor
			Ch. Sky Rocket's Uproar
		Ch. Jadee's Jump Up
			Heather's Windy Weather
	Ch. Jadee's Strudle
			Ch. Penlan Paragon
		Liebchen Fancy Bell
			Liebchen Dresden Doll

Uppity was our first show dog.  She never received her majors, but then, I didn't do the best job of showing her, either.  She lived to 15 years old with my mother when she retired.


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