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Whelped May 4, 2005

Abiqua Almas
Abiqua Aliz
Abiqua Akar Aloha
Abiqua Acel
Abiqua Abrand
Abiqua Aniko

Galla-Hegyi Gömböc

Nyirségfia Nyulbéla

Mocskos Nyertes

Kisalföldi-Aku Lerry

Rakenlov Mici-Maci

Nyirségfia Derus

Somlyófalvi Pásztor

Sziki Gyöngyi

Anghiházi Borbolya

Rakenlov Jeles Játszó

Bujdosóuti Hetyke

Rakenlov Zullött Szuz Zo

Tehéntánci Ida Bogáncs

Cseri Subás Róna

Tehéntánci Gizus

Szürkebarát Varazs of Abiqua

Ebugatta Kristály

Mocskos Unoka

Mocskos Pergö
Mocskos Zsuzska

Eröspusztai Angyal "Brévi"

Szépvizér-Pusztai Gyuri
Mocskos Iciri-Piciri

Somlyófalvi Szidike


Somlyófalvi Gyözö
Somlyófalvi Dorka

Somlyófalvi Pletyka

Cseri Subás Jakab Bogáncs
Somlyófalvi Olga

(pronounced all-mosh) is owned by Jacque Wright in Calistoga, CA.  They call her Emma.  These pictures were taken in April, 2006. Emma and Larkin, Jacque's daughter, are best buddies.

Aliz lives in the Chicago area with Asa and Mikael Anden.  Asa says Aliz is a great dog, who can be calm and cuddly at times and other times bursting with energy.

Akar is more commonly known as Bela.  She lives with Alexa Maros in Hawaii on the island of Maui, but she had to wait until Bela was about 9 months old because of rabies restrictions.  Alexa came to visit Bela several times so that Bela would know her when she finally went to Hawaii. Alexa also came to California to see Bela win her ARBA Championship!

Alexa and Bela

Bosco wins 4 Best Junior Puppy in Shows!

Better known as Bosco, lives with Nikki Benavides in Portland, Oregon.  He is a jogger with Nikki, but keeps nipping at her behind and once even tore her jogging shorts!  Guess she should run a little faster.... 

Bosco with his dad, Gumby, and Nikki

lives in Connecticut with Kathy Donovan.  Whimsey has Kathy's Standard Schnauzers whipped into shape! She also really likes catching frisbees.

AKA Skoodi, lives in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada on 80 acres with Joyce and Jerry Wasylyshen.   Jerry says that Petsmart now has more of their money for the month than the grocery stores.

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