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Puppies born June 6, 2006
4 males and 2 females

Abiqua Baráti
Abiqua Benci Kai
Abiqua Bodri
Abiqua Boglárka
Abiqua Bojtár
Abiqua Brácsa

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Szürkebarát Vadóc of Abiqua

Ebugatta Kristály Mocskos Unoka Mocskos Pergö
Mocskos Zsuzska
Eröspusztai Angyal "Brévi" Szépvizér-Pusztai Gyuri
Mocskos Iciri-Piciri
Somlyófalvi Szidike Gazsi Somlyófalvi Gyözö
Somlyófalvi Dorka
Somlyófalvi Pletyka Cseri Subás Jakab Bogáncs
Somlyófalvi Olga

Cseri-Subás Amál

Nyirségfia Nyulbéla Mocskos Nyertes Kisalföldi-Aku Lerry
Rakenlov Mici-Maci
Nyirségfia Derus Somlyófalvi Pásztor
Sziki Gyöngyi
Cseri Subás Rozi Napos Zaszló Napos Ravasch
Napos Diobel
Kit-Tric Hajnal Sziki Lompos
Cseri Subás Mimi


The Hungarian word "Baráti" means "friendly", and he certainly is. He is going to live in the Midwest with Brent Magouirk.

Marco will be going to Hawaii to live with Alexa Maros and Bela, his cousin.

Bodri lives in Coos Bay, Oregon with Elaine Dunham. The word "Bodri" means "curly" in Hungarian, which his hair certainly is.

The Hungarianword "Boglarka" means "buttercup". She lives in Eugene, OR.

Pronounced "Boy-Tar", meaning "Shepherd Boy". He lives in California. We call him Shep.

Her name, pronounced "Bra-cha", means "violet" (the flower). She lives in California.


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