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The Pumi is extremely smart, and takes specific training techniques.  We prefer active homes, preferably with experience in training dogs so the family can adapt to the type of training this breed needs.  The Pumi is so smart that it's more like training a young child than a dog.  They don't do well with repetition or drills and need to have their mind engaged.  If they understand what you're asking and you make it fun and/or rewarding for them, they'll do it happily.  But they do not just take orders from their human companion.  It's a kind of interaction that usually needs an experienced trainer.  If you don't have that experience, we will expect you to take lots of training classes with your puippy and young adult. 

That being said, we will be looking for those types of homes in the puppy applications we receive, of which there have been quite a few since the breed was recognized by AKC in July of 2016.  Don't be discouraged if we don't get back to you immediately - we'll answer as soon as we can.  We're busy keeping all our dogs busy and active!

Puppy Policies and Application Process

As responsible breeders, we are responsible for any puppy we bring into this world for their entire life.  We raise them carefully to be well-adjust puppies and want to assure that their forever home will be exactly the right place for them, where they will be loved and appreciated for the special dog that they are.  We know that life holds no assurances, so if for some reason the owner is no longer able to keep the dog, it must come back to us so that we can re-home it to someone we have also approved.

We charge one price for all our puppies – every puppy is special in its own way, whether it’s going to be a top performance dog, a conformation champion, or a best buddy.  You are still getting that very special personality that is a Pumi.  Because genetic diversity is very important in a breed like the Pumi that has a small gene pool, we do not require spaying or neutering of any dog unless there is a specific hereditary heath reason for not breeding.  There is no scientific evidence that a dog needs to be bred, but there is scientific evidence that early spaying and neutering can be detrimental to later health.  So unless someone is as committed to being a responsible breeder as we are, spending hours studying pedigrees and genetics and hours more raising puppies, you probably should not breed. 

In most circumstances, we will choose your puppy for you.  We will have lived with them and evaluated them every day of their lives in order to make sure we have a good match with their new home.  In turn, we expect a commitment from the puppy owner to take the puppy to classes and train them to be a good companion.   A Pumi is extremely smart, and without guidance can become a dog that is running the household instead of the other way around. 

We use the European method of naming litters, and that is all the puppies’ names begin with our kennel name “Abiqua” and the second word in the name is a Hungarian word that for each puppy in the litter starts with the same letter, and each litter is in alphabetical order.  So for our first litter, the second names all started with “A”, the second litter “B” and so on.  For your puppy you may choose the Hungarian word within those parameters or we will give you some suggestions, or we can choose the name for you.  We will register the puppy for you and also register their microchip with AKC Reunite if you don’t have a preference otherwise.

After reading all this, if you are still interested in getting a Pumi puppy from us, please fill out our puppy application as a way of  introducing yourself to us, giving us information about you, your family and your lifestyle so that we can make sure that a Pumi is the right breed for you and so you get the puppy that is the best match for you in temperament.  Filling out an application is NOT a guarantee of a puppy. We very carefully screen homes but will clearly indicate to you whether we feel you are a good fit for one of our pups.  If we feel you will be a good puppy owner and you definitely want a puppy from us, you may send us a deposit which will move you up the list for the first available puppy that matches your criteria.

We do not normally ship our puppies.  We prefer that you come to our house to get the puppy where you can see the adults and we can indoctrinate you into the world of the Pumi.

Fill out the puppy application form here.


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