Abiqua Shooting Star  (Candy)     wh. 1980

			Ch. Irrenhaus Blueprint
		Ch. Imperial Stamp O'Kharasahl
			Ch. Reflection's Winning Image
	Ch. Irrenhaus Standout
			Ch. Skyline's Blue Spruce
		Ch. Irrenhaus Flights of Fancy
			Ch. Irrenhaus Fancy Finish
Ch. Abiqua Johnny Jump Up
			Ch. Sky Rocket's Upswing
		Ch. Skyline's Blue Spruce
			Ch. Skyline's Silver Lining
	Abiqua Dare to be Different
			Ch. Sky Rocket's Upswing
		Paddle Wheel's Up Anchor
			Ch. Jadee's Strudle

Candy never finished because she didn't like dog shows, but take take Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes as a puppy.


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